Uncanny Occasions was founded by Jinx Kelly and Mae Lust. We began working together in 2013 after co-founding a production company specializing in live-theater stage shows blending pop-up art galleries, live painting, burlesque and variety acts, a marketplace, and cosplay contests. In 2015, we presented cosplay workshops at San Diego Comic Con International and WonderCon. Later that year, we founded Uncanny Occasions.

​In 2019, we joined the Artsy Association and began to offer online art entertainment events such as paint & sip nights, art bars, vision board creations, and more.

In 2020, we lovingly spilt our two companies between us. Together we produced virtual events, as well as live events, in Los Angeles & Denver, for 7 years. We both joyfully continue to produce with our respective companies and enjoy an ever-evolving friendship.

In 2022, Jinx rebranded Uncanny Occasions as a creative embodiment boutique combining creative expression and healing somatic practices after earning a 72-hour certificate in Integrative Somatic Trauma Therapy.

We use ISTT training, a background in Internal Family Systems (IFS) Parts Work, and non-clinical therapeutic expressive arts to present these embodiment experiences in safe, virtual community spaces blending sensuality, imagination, wonder, and whimsy to support manifestation techniques, nervous system regulation, and limbic system connection.


We have found healing in joy and want to share it with you! You choose the level you're ready to explore.

We host a nervous-system friendly guided "Paint and Sip" type of #PaintNight as we focus on an area we'd like to nurture in life.

Our non-clinical therapeutic embodiment experiences, mini-workshops and masterclasses are for those who know where they have been on their self-development journey, know where they want to be now, and what they want next. These are still light and fun, but they get deeper into embodiment work. 

Regardless of which portal *you* decide to step through, no matter how uncanny the occasion, it will be a beloved and memorable experience.

Let's get started!​